Example of a website with a responsive design

Article by October 25, 2012 lienhard

Is your website not readable on your smartphone? Enter ‘Responsive Design’

Here’s the scenario:  the web designer you hired has completed your new website.  That evening, you’re out celebrating with friends.  They ask to see your new website and excitedly, you pull it up on your smartphone and….. yikes!   It’s completely unreadable.   You zoom in to read the text and images, but you still have to pan around to see everything.

What your website is lacking is a design that is ‘responsive’.  A responsive design adapts to whatever device you are using to view it … whether it be an Android, iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop … and attempts to optimize the viewing experience.

Responsive design is the latest trend in web design, and this trend will continue in the future.  The advantage is obvious… your website looks great on all platforms.  Another advantage is  that you don’t have two different websites to maintain – one for mobile and non-mobile –  which is often touted as a solution to this problem.  You just update one website and voila!

A responsive design isn’t always necessary, but is becoming increasingly important as smartphones, tablets and various other platforms proliferate.

Next time you see an unreadable website on your smartphone, impress your friends… tell them it’s not responsive!   (… like maybe some of your friends  … lol!)