Peter Pearson

Article by November 8, 2012 lienhard

Single page Web Designs – Hot or not?

It’s been shown that people read online content completely differently than offline.  They are like little hares, jumping from page to page, skimming for information.  If what they are looking for is not found in seconds, they are off to another website.  This reality must be kept in mind when designing a website.  Too often people get overly excited and put way too much information on their website.

One way to keep things under control is the concept of a ‘single page ‘ web design.  Here are a few examples:  I especially like this one, since it scrolls across the page rather than up and down. The background ribbon graphic scrolls seamlessly – nice. Wonderfully minimalistic – but effective.

These sorts of designs won’t work for everyone.  They tend to work best for musicians, artists, photographers or small businesses who want a basic web presence.  Some of the advantages are lower cost, high usability and a clear and simple message.