Grate Post is a simple rating system for posts, pages or custom post types.  Code is available at  https://github.com/lienhard/grate-post

If the user is logged in, it’ll track using their user ID.  If not logged in, it’ll track using the php function uniqueid() saved to a cookie.  By default, the rating will be displayed above the content of the post, with the rating form beneath it.

To place the rating and form where you want, comment out this line:

add_filter(‘the_content’, array($this, ‘theContent’ ));

and then use the shortcodes [gp_show] and [gp_show_form] to place them where you want.

To work with custom post types, add the post type to the array:

var $postTypes = array(‘post’); // array of post types to show rating on

You can see Grate Post in use on this post… the rating before the content and the form beneath.