I have worked with Steve for over 6 years and he is one of the best all-around teammates I have ever worked with. Aside from being co-workers, he has also been an amazing mentor to me as I changed career paths from web design to web development. On top of helping me learn different coding concepts, he is always willing to give me feedback on my code and shows an enormous amount of patience throughout the process. No matter how many projects he has on his plate, he is always willing to lend a hand when one is needed. Knowing Steve is part of the team, means knowing a project will be completed on-time and with the highest quality of work. He is, without a doubt, one of the best web developers I have ever worked with, and his skills stretch across so many different areas: from WordPress and plugins to JS, APIs, PHP, and everything in between. In the 6 years I have worked with him, I have never seen him come across a coding problem he couldn’t solve. Any organization would be lucky to have him on board, and I have been lucky to call him a co-worker, mentor, and friend.